Kern McFadden


NOW YOU SEE IT - The North Coast Rep, CA

“McFadden’s Victor is properly disgusting as the lying cheater (but charming, don’t you know).”

Jean Lowerison - (San Diego Gay and Lesbian News) 

“... the almost insufferable character of Summersby (a character that actor Kern McFadden expertly makes you love to hate).”

Jess Yacovelle - FINE Magazine

“I can’t say enough how wonderful the actors were... Kern McFadden, the philandering husband - totally believable... yet still likable...”

Kathy Carpenter -

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - The Repertory Theater of St. Louis,  MO

“... and Kern McFadden, who was a riot as the “wall” within the play within the play...”

Gerry Kowarsky, Two on the Aisle, KECtv


T. Stedman Harder, the Standard Oil Magnate, [is] played to a tee by Kern McFadden.  McFadden’s mixture of ire and confusion...  ...literally knocks Harder off his feet.”  

Sherri Rase,  Q On Stage

“When [T. Stedman Harder] appears, replete with boots and riding crop, the most physical action ensues, accompanied by much mirth. He’s nicely played by Kern McFadden.”

Beatrice Williams-Rude,  New York Press Club, INC

“Kern McFadden as the business-minded  farmer next door is a stolid foil for Phil Hogan’s rambunctious ridicule in a richly humorous scene that’s a highlight of the play.”

Yvonne Korshak,  Let’s Talk Off-Broadway

“Kern McFadden enliven[s] [his] brief [role] of a snooty millionaire neighbor.”

David Sheward,  Backstage

HUMBLE BOY - The Public Theatre, ME

“McFadden gives a superb interpretation of the genius seeking a “Theory of Everything” solution...”

David A. Sargent,  Sun Journal, Lewiston / Auburn, ME

THE MISANTHROPE - The Pearl Theatre, NYC

“Standouts among the ensemble include Kern McFadden as Oronte, one of Celimene’s many suitors. He brings gravity to what could easily be a throwaway role and provides focus for a plot that can meander.”

-Bryan Clarke, Showbusiness Weekly

“Kern McFadden as Oronte does a simply perfect piece as the sonneteer”

-Yvonne Korshak, Let’s Talk Off-Broadway

“Kern McFadden as the pompous poseur Oronte, Alceste's rival, earns our laughter...”

Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up Review

“Kern McFadden is wonderfully lubricious”

-David Finkle, Theatre Mania

“Kern McFadden shades the pompous Oronte with dignity”

-David Sheward, Backstage

“Kern McFadden [is] genuinely obnoxious as the would-be poet Oronte”

David Gordon,

AS YOU LIKE IT / MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - The Great River Shakespeare Festival, MN

“But one of the real tour de force performances comes from Kern McFadden, who delivers Touchstone to perfection. He is commanding, smooth, naughty, playful, and wildly funny in turns, seeming to wrap the stage, the cast and the audience around him in a magic cloak. Bravo!”

- Frances Edstrom, Winona Post, Winona, MN

“In the small but pivotal role as the schemer Borachio, Kern McFadden has the simple determination and fierce eyes that seal his authenticity.”

- Graydon Royce, Minneapolis Star Tribune